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About Us

Our Vision

“To be a Leader in Early Childhood Education, ensuring that every Child and Family thrives.”

What we stand for

DJ Cooper 3k program is a positive environment that encourages the holistic development of all children. the physical environment affects how children learn and develop. That is why the learning environment is more than just a classroom. It's a space in which students feel safe and supported in their pursuit of knowledge, as well as inspired by their surroundings

DJ Cooper 3k Program NY
DJ Cooper 3k Program NY-daycare
Mission Statement

DJ Cooper 3K Program is committed to the children in our Community. We provide Students with an environment that promotes independence and exploration through play. We continue to seek and implement best practices in early education. We collaborate with families, Community and Colleagues to meet the needs of all students

About Owner

I have been in the business of childcare for 26 years. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Giving birth to my child is the first. As a Parent we want to do the best for our children. That includes giving them a great start in Early Learning. I am committed to always providing an environment where young Students can do what comes natural to them. Explore, Investigate, learn through Play.

DJ Cooper 3k Program NY/Daycare NY
School Structure

There are 3 Adults for 12 Students. Ratio:1:4 Lead Teacher is Dually Certified with a master's degree in both Early Learn and Special Education. 17 years of classroom experience. Teacher-assistant CDA- Child Development Associate Credential in childcare. Teacher-assistant floater 30 hours of training as required, by the Department of Health.

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